Shampoo Shows

Dresden musicians for refugees!

This is not a foam party!

"What's with the name?", people often ask.

This project started in September 2015. Dresden's initial reception facilities were overcrowded and the authorities overstrained. There was a lack of the simplest of things such as underwear, socks, towels and everyday hygiene articles such as shower gel and shampoo. Quick help was needed and so the idea of a concert series with local artists arose in order to collect donations. From then on, bands played for a good cause under the banner of the "Shampoo Shows" in Dresden Neustadt every week.

All of the proceeds were initially used to finance care packages and distribute them to the people in the refugee camps. Later on, these proceeds were mainly used to support various local projects that are active in refugee aid. Concerts were also organized directly in the initial reception facilities to provide some distraction from the dreary everyday life of the tent cities.

Currently the project is focussed on a big quarterly charity event in the Groovestation in Dresden. Joining forces as the "Shampoo Show Allstars", a dozen artists from the regional music scene raise both awareness and funds for alternating organizations.

Everybody is welcome to participate in the concept of the Shampoo Shows with their own charity events! Just please, no foam parties. That could be misleading. ;)